Monday, February 8, 2016

Baxter's PAW-lor Trick with Uncle Pete

Artwork by Jaime D. Buckley
Children’s books are so much more than just books. Books provide time for togetherness with a read-aloud. Books are a strong avenue for language development. 
Books are also a springboard for educational activities.

The key is to make the activities fun and to make the activities memorable.
The characters, storyline, and theme of Pickled Pumpkin Pie by deb troehler (link) and 
Jaime D. Buckley (link) definitely provide all of the above-listed opportunities.

When I was creating the follow-up activities for the story, I kept going back to the idea of a whole pie. Soon, that morphed into a HOLE in the pie—which lead to an activity that I used to do with my students. The activity below teaches children not only the difference between circumference and area. But it also helps children expand their minds and think outside the box
—Or, more appropriately, to think INSIDE the pie crust.

At first, Baxter kept thinking about the edge of the pie—or the circumference.
However, he soon figured it out.

The images below are useful for teaching children to cut a hole large enough in a circle to climb through it.

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