Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring, Bunnies, Rainbows, & Easter~What Could Be Better?

I can happily report that spring has definitely arrived on the mid-Atlantic coast. Signs of spring are everywhere—from the bluebirds that are busily creating their nests, to the flowers popping up from the still-frosty ground, to the trees that look as if their branches are ready to burst. Spring is my favorite season, ushering in the opportunities to renew just about everything.

For Quiet Bunny, the adorable creation by Lisa McCue, the same is true. Quiet Bunny loves spring. And, as Easter falls this month, I decided to offer a review of Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors—a book perfect for spring AND Easter!
From yellow to green and from blue to red—Quiet Bunny loves all of the colors of spring. Yet, poor Quiet Bunny becomes sad when he thinks that his brown and white fur is not a color of the season that he loves so much.

Quiet Bunny sets out on a mission to become one-with-spring by adorning himself with nature’s offerings of the season.
He tries dandelions.
He tries lily pads.
Quiet Bunny even tries a good coating of red clay.
Nothing works.

Just about the time that Quiet Bunny is ready to give up a wise owl steps in and helps Quiet Bunny realize that he is indeed the color of spring!
In Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors, Lisa McCue, author and illustrator, presents a heartwarming tale of acceptance of oneself. With vivid splashes of color, McCue’s illustrations will definitely create a lasting memory of this very important message. Her clever way of transitioning from one event to the next also provides an opportunity to discuss sequencing and story plots.
As an added bonus, McCue tucks little surprises on each brightly colored two page spread that will encourage children to explore the world around them. Children will delight in finding each plant and animal that represents the color that Quiet Bunny is attempting to mimic.

Bunnies, nature, bright colors, and acceptance of our many differences—Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors is the perfect way to usher in the season of new beginnings.

Word Count: 609
Average words per page: 20
Recommended Age: 3-6-years-old

Added bonus: Great for color recognition, identifying items from nature, and lessons on acceptance, FABULOUS illustrations!


Click here for a link to Lisa McCue's story-Quiet Bunny's Many Colors


Fun Printables to Teach Color Recognition and Sequencing

If you are seeking additional resources to teach and reinforce color recognition, my newest book When Violet was Blue, available as an ebook on Amazon can easily fit the bill. The simple drawings and bouncy tale will help your little ones learn and remember the colors of the rainbow.
The image below will lead you to a link of the ebook. This book even features the text-to-speech option so that your little ones can ‘read’ the story all by themselves.
Link to ebook on Amazon