Friday, November 4, 2016



Life can be challenging. For many of us, the world has become an uncertain place. Children are especially vulnerable to the daily bombardment of tragic news, devastating weather events, and disappointment. Social media has assured us that an unsettling event experienced halfway around the world is communicated to us in real time. Shielding children from these events has also become more difficult for parents, family, and educators.

I was inspired to write my newest book, Daisy Finds a Home, as means of showing children that while things may not always happen the way we feel they should, that there are people in our lives that can help to make life better. 

Strong and hopeful are positive words that help children make it through a difficult time.

Children can also help others by remembering that each of us wears a unique set of shoes that take us on unique paths—and all paths have their own unique potholes to navigate.  For example, a friend may seem extra grumpy. Yet, that friend may have just learned that their parent lost his/her job. A classmate may be extra quiet because their best friend moved across the country.

As this is the time of year that people focus on helping others, this is an excellent time to remind children that they can help make another person’s light shine brighter by lending a hand, speaking a kind word, or helping them with an important task. By doing so, children will learn that when a person’s light shines brighter, some of that glow is also cast upon the person that helped.

Included in this blog post are three printables for children to color, cut, and use. The first is a thank you card to share with someone that has helped the children in your life. The second is a reminder to be a friend to others. The third is just for funzies!

Reminder: the eBook version of Daisy Finds a Home will be available for a free download on November 10 and 11, 2016. This read-aloud book is great for the younger crowd—kiddos under the age of 7.

Click the link to take you to the page. The free eBook download is scheduled for November 10 and 11. Thanks.
Link to eBook on Amazon

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Can YOu Make a Whole HOle?

In the story, Pickled Pumpkin Pie: A Thanksgiving Treat, Uncle Pete definitely thinks outside the box. He has a favorite food. He is also patient and waits a long time to enjoy it.
Included in this blog post are instructions and printables to encourage your kiddos to think outside the box—or inside the crust.

So, without further delay….go ahead and have a 'HOLE LOTTA FUN!

(Reminder: The free eBook downloads will be available November 10 and 11.)
Amazing artwork by Jaime Buckley!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November & a Month of Thanks

November—A Month of Thankfulness

Empty candy wrappers are scattered around the house.
The carved pumpkin has yet to show its age.
The deciduous trees have only recently begun their autumn fashion show.

October is barely behind us, but all eyes are facing forward—to the next two months of thankfulness, togetherness, and abundant generosity.
November is an important time to pause and reflect on the things for which we are thankful. To show my gratitude to the readers of this blog, I will post printables and free eBook reminders (with dates) throughout the month. This way, the kiddos in your life can have some fun while they are dreaming of turkey legs and pumpkin pie—while you find the time to plan and create the feast for the table.

My Thanksgiving-themed book, Pickled Pumpkin Pie, will be available for a free download on November 10th and 11th on Amazon. Jaime Buckley created the amazing artwork for this book. I am attaching three activities that are included in the printed version of the book.

Have fun and THANK YOU for reading this blog.

The link below will take you to the eBook on Amazon. The free download is scheduled for November 10 and 11, 2016.