Sunday, August 4, 2013


It’s August! Summer activities are winding down. Preparations for the fall routine are winding up. If you’re like many parents, teachers, or homeschool co-op coordinators, you are probably being bombarded with educational ideas and resources. Basically, the very things meant to make education planning easier are having the opposite effect.
With the over-the-top school whirlwind in mind, this month will be light on posts, light on ideas, and light on materials. The only resource used—paper.
Paper is truly a wonderful resource:
It’s readily available.
It’s fairly inexpensive.
It’s incredibly versatile.
The idea for today is how to use a single sheet of paper to organize, retell, sequence, and review—all in one handy dandy pocket-sized mini-booklet.

While this paper-based resource is not new, in our techno-gadget society, many of us have forgotten how utterly simple and amazingly useful paper is. Your children, students, and maybe even you will find this 8.5 x 11 creation a terrific alternative to tablets and computer screens.

A piece of blank paper (8.5 x 11 used for demonstration)
Hint: The numbers were added to aid in the visual portion of the instructions.

1. Fold the paper in half, horizontally, scoring the fold with your fingernail. (2 sections created)
2. Fold the paper again, vertically, scoring the fold with your fingernail. (4 sections created)

3. Fold the paper again, vertically, scoring the fold with your fingernail. (8 sections created)
4. Open the paper to reveal the scored fold lines.

5. Refold the paper, horizontally, as in step 1. This will leave 4.25 x 11 strip of paper with 3 scored lines and 4 sections of paper, as shown. 

6. Using scissors cut the paper on the fold line between the first and third scored lines, as shown.
7. Carefully open the paper pulling the 2 middle score lines apart until the sections meet in the middle creation 4 individual sections, as shown.
8. Fold the paper into the finished booklet, as shown.
The finished product is mini-booklet with a cover and 6 interior pages.

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