Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Two for Tuesday, Fun Activities to Keep the Kiddos Moving

The temps have dropped and the sun is out, what could be more perfect for a Terrific Tuesday? How about two activities that your kiddos can do with their neighborhood friends?

The post for today includes two simple activities that require little preparation and will keep your little ones (or even your not-so-little ones) moving and thinking during their break from school.

*These activities are the third and fourth items from the SizzlingSummer Snow Day Unit.

Activity 3—Round as a snowball, unique as a snowflake scavenger hunt
This activity is a great way to keep the kiddos happy, active, and thinking during the hot summer months.

Ages: 5-8
Time to complete: 30-45 minutes

Conduct a winter-themed scavenger hunt. Potential items to find in the home—an object that is a round sphere like a snowball, something that you use in the yard in the winter, something to keep you warm in the winter, something that you can use to measure the depth of the snow, something you can do inside when it is too cold to go outside, something a parent uses to clean the snow off things, something that has 6 sides like a snowflake, something that is as powdery as snow (flour, talc, cornstarch), etc.
Ages: 4-8, with adult supervision

Time to complete: 30-45 minutes
The preparation for this activity is a wonderful way to get the neighborhood kids ready for the Sizzling Summer Snow Day. Have the kids bring their winter hat and mittens with them when they come to your home. Keep the reason for the mittens and hat a secret. This will definitely be a conversation starter when the kids arrive with their winter gear in hand.


1 pair of mittens or gloves for each child
1 winter hat for each child
Jingle bell or other device to signal the beginning of the relay
6 containers large enough to hold the mittens and hats

1. Prior to the activity, prepare the room for the activity:
            a. Clear an area of the room to provide about 12 feet of space for the children to participate in the relay. The area should be free of obstacles and sharp corners.
            b. Place all of the mittens in one container at the end of the relay track, making sure they are well mixed.
            c. Place the hats in another container at the end of the relay track.
            d. Place the remaining empty containers at the beginning of the relay track. These containers will be used to gather the hats and mittens when the child finishes their activity run.
2. Divide the children into two teams, having them sit in a line behind one of the empty containers.
3. Conduct the relay:
            a. Ring the jingle bell to start the relay.
            b. The first child in each team runs to the pair of full containers at the end of the relay track.
            c. The children then sort through the containers to locate their mittens and hat.
            d. The children put on the hat and mittens and run back to the beginning of the relay track.
            e. They take off the hat and mittens and place them into the container at the beginning of the relay  track.
            f. They tag the next child in line.
            g. Repeat steps 3b through 3f until one team finishes the relay.

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